Monday, September 7, 2009

An Introduction

This is my blog, dog. Keep it real.

This blog is inspired by Scott Adams and really formed for my own benefit of staying up to date on current issues while reflecting on my day-to-day life. Hopefully, I will also inadvertently entertain or educate people who are unaware of how to properly use the internet and, through an unfortunate mishap, end up at this blog.

I will probably discuss philosophy, politics, human stupidity (which for me is redundant with politics and philosophy), and whatever I deem interesting. Also updating will be my friend, Yu-Hsuan Lin. I expect him to write his own little introductory post and for it to be far more entertaining than mine.

Despite the fact that I am often considerably uninteresting I will now share a bit about myself. I am currently a freshman at Ohlone College and will be attending UC Berkeley starting in January. I have curly hair, an attractive girlfriend who attends San Diego State and I am notoriously good-looking. I am often terribly insensitive and many might consider my comments to come off as misogynistic or racist- but I consider those people to be prudes. I believe that for the sake of humor, just about anything is acceptable so long as it is clever and not just shock humor.

Good Example:
Question: Why did Princess Diana cross the road?
Answer: Because she forgot to wear her seatbelt.

Bad Example:

The latter not being funny at all displays that jokes are not jokes if they are one-word racial slurs. Although good jokes can also contain one-or-more-word racial slurs. Foshizzle.

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