Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Introduction

Word up, playa’ haters. This is a blog.

My name is Benjamin Yu-Hsuan Lin. The “Yu-Hsuan Lin” part came from my family. The “Benjamin” part was an attempt to anglicize my identity to conform to Western standards, and because my other choice “Benedict” was shot down by virtually everyone I know. In the hood, though, all the ghetto ladies know me as “Sweet Thang.”

I support cost-effective fiscal policies and take a libertarian stance toward most social issues. I make poor decisions if I think they will make a good story. I am an equal opportunity employer and accept all major credit cards. I have extraordinary respect for people who say clever things, or are attractive, intelligent males between the ages of 15 and 55. I respect Juan so much, like, you don’t even know.

I envision this blog as a dumping site for all the unproductive thoughts that I have. My interests are philosophy, theology, international politics, law, and vulgar humor, so that’s mostly what you will be seeing here. On occasion, I might post something insightful so I can print it out to impress recruiters, admission officers, and girlfriend’s mother.

I am currently a first-year at Dartmouth College, but for the purpose of bolstering my ethos during Internet debating, I am also sometimes an adjunct professor at Oxford University.

That’s it for now. Be my friend.


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  1. I will be your friend =) *magnetic handshake*