Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Life is usually pretty easygoing for me. I am a man of few opinions and beliefs. But I am open to new ideas and am aware that at any moment, everything I know and care for could be entirely wrong. I have adjusted to this in a similar way that one has to adjust when they realize that their parents conceived them naturally, all night long. This includes: the fetal position, existential quandaries, suicidal thoughts, a long state of depression, acceptance, a permanent affect on my outlook on life, and an attempt to repress the sheer terror of the thought itself.

However, this "open-mindedness" has many unsavory qualities and unpleasant outcomes (aside from the ones I literally just described). 

I am overly aware of the consequences of my actions. For example, every time I part with Yu-Hsuan, I stop to consider that that exact fleeting moment may be the very last chance I will ever have to make out with him.

Another unfortunate consequence is re-evaluating every philosophical concept and game theory when making any decision of reasonable significance. How enlightened does my self-interest have to be to allow me being completely selfish to help others? Is it better to voice my dissenting opinion, when it will make others feel stupid or to allow them to be stupid while enjoying the potentially hilarious consequences?

I have been contemplating a short-cut to this long decision-making process. Please read the following flowchart:

Do you care about the person with the conflicting opinion?

No- Fuck it.

Yes- Fetal position and feigned apathy

Seems to be working so far...

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