Thursday, October 28, 2010

Neat Things That Little Kids Say

I have the privilege of working with a first-grade class on Thursdays, and have collected for your enjoyment a bevy of the darnest things that little kids say:

Kid A: I have a cat.
Kid B: I have a dog, and two cats.
Kid C: I have two dogs and cats and a fish.
Kid D: I have dogs and cats but they ALL DIED.

Sam: Guess where I'm from.
(after many failed guesses on my part, he reveals that he is from Oregon)
Sam: Guess where my brother is from.
Me: Oregon?
Sam: (looks at the ceiling, scratches his head) I forgot.

Erin: Maisie says that she loves you.
Me: Oh. That's good.
Erin: I love you too. (grips my shoulder)
Me: Thanks.
(Erin runs back to her table, next to Maisie's)
Maisie: (hushed) What did he say?

Erin: This is my polar bear. It's upside down.
(she has drawn a picture of a striped sock. its colors are red and blue)

Kid: Look how small this pencil is.
(it's pretty small)
Kid: Isn't that funny?
(it's alright)

Erin: When are you leaving?
Me: In about twenty minutes:
Erin: Well, you are staying forever, OK?
Me: OK.
(I didn't)

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