Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To those whom it may concern

Suddenly life is exploding. Doors fly open as the ones I never even considered slam shut. Don't look once at an opportunity or what could have been and think "what have I lost?" Ask only what you have gained. Opportunities are always infinite. Look into the future and write the character you wish to be. Write a story so well it becomes truth.

I am a character in a novel.

I realized that I often include symbols in my life without even noticing it. I am doing things with even more significance than I could hope to recognize until right after I had lived it. My personality and instinct are now catering to my conscious efforts to write a beautiful life. The world is a mysterious place and God works in mysterious ways. I act without knowing why I act, and yet I act so meaningfully that it could not be a mistake.

The trick to writing the future is to read about the world and read your characters. If you know your characters you can do anything. So get at there and experience so much that you know exactly what you someday hope to do. Then figure out how to do it and go do it. It's as simple as that.