Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Live is to Dream

If you can control your dreams, you can do anything. I tried to fly in a dream once, when I realized it was dreaming. I could only jump really high, as if the gravity was less intense but still there. Something was still holding me to the ground.

I was born a romantic. A curse only made such through brief encounters with reality. When I wanted to be an author I would fix the world with my stories. When I wanted to be a lawyer, it would be my last name up on the building. When I wanted to be a lover the relationship would last forever and our love would only be exceeded by our friendship. But relationships seldom last forever. What's worse is that the romance stops. The love seems to fade and the feelings dim down. The passion dies. What then is a romantic to do when the Passion he lives for fades? A deep depression and an introspective recoil into solitude and sadness. Passion can't be created, so then what can I do? Can a passion for romance and commitment keep a relationship alive? Only questions from this point forward. I know nothing, I never have.

But wait- a clear and crisp whisper in my ear. From the person you would expect it the least telling me the opposite of what I need to hear. A trick so deceptive that its falsehood writes the truth. I am a man in a novel. I am the author and the pen. Passion is nothing without commitment, a spark means nothing unless it's a fire. So burn bright and bring lots of fire wood. The whisper? The trick to success is to succeed. A truth so glaring and obvious that it can only be understood through hypocrisy. The minute you stop being your worst enemy, you become your best friend. Live life, appreciate art and read before you write.

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